We have been in business for the last 50 years, serving the 
community.  Our goal is to provide unparalleled service, 
competitive prices, and overall value,   
We thank you for your faithful
Sanford & Abbie

Fruit season is coming!!

We are expecting cherries to be ready soon after July 4th.
Followed by Blueberries & Peaches

We look forward to serving you again this summer!!!

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Delicious Watermelon eat a cold one.Big Blueberries the size of quarters--  sometimesBeautiful PeachesChecking out the peaches Taste Testing a peach in MIChecking out the Quality of the BlueberriesHydro cooling the peaches.Loading the melons in MILoading up and ready to ride back to Wisconsin, our last stop in MIBrought To You From CULBY'S  Time to payPassing through chicago to get YOU your fruitUnloading the trucksFarmers market in Eua Claire WIFREE SamplesYummy!!! Peaches Are SOOO Good!!!I Love Blueberriesone of the first sighns made for the fruit season
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